Our Services


Lee Parkway Veterinary Clinic has a fully-stocked pharmacy for all your pet's needs in the Chattanooga, Tennessee area. Whether your constant companion requires an antibiotic, allergy relief, pain suppressant, or a flea, tick or heartworm preventative, we have what they need here in our hospital.

The prices on our products at our clinic are often nearly the same or even less than internet pharmacies and big box stores, so our pharmacy is a great value for both you and your pet. Also, you can administer products purchased at our clinic right away rather than having to wait for delivery. Most importantly, the medications sold in our pharmacy offer a guarantee from the manufacturer for both safety and efficacy; this warranty is often not available from products purchased online or at chain stores.

Finally, there have been numerous recent cases of counterfeit veterinary products sold online, whereas our products come directly from the manufacturer so you can feel confident when you purchase medications for your pet from Lee Parkway Veterinary Clinic.