Our Services


Dr. Sarah Gilliam offers a full range of veterinary surgeries at Lee Parkway Veterinary Clinic in Chattanooga, Tennessee. We are equipped at our clinic with an advanced surgical suite with the latest innovations in veterinary medicine for the care of your precious pet. The experience of Dr. Gilliam, coupled with her knowledgeable staff and modern equipment, means that your furry family member will be in good hands during any surgical event.

Before any surgery, Dr. Gilliam highly recommends running blood work on every pet. Blood values can help her in determining whether a pet is healthy enough for anesthesia and surgery, to make the procedure as safe as possible. Pain prevention is a top priority at Lee Parkway Veterinary Clinic, and medication is administered before any surgery to keep the pet as comfortable as possible. Remember, if something would be painful for us, it will be painful for our pet family members as well. During the surgery, Dr. Gilliam and her caring staff monitor the patient using our advanced equipment for pulse oximetry, respiratory monitor, and ECG results. We continually monitor your furry family member while they recover from the anesthesia, and the administration of medications, fluids, and pain medications will be provided as needed.

Some of the most common surgical procedures performed at Lee Parkway Veterinary Clinic include:

  • Spay and neuter
  • Tooth removal and oral surgery
  • Wound repair related to trauma
  • Foreign body removal
  • Biopsies
  • Growth removal